Giving You Everything That Makes You The Master Of The Road

The Arrow Drive is no ordinary place to learn driving. We deploy the best professionals to train individuals not only with basic driving but other aspects of driving that most of the drivers on the road are unaware of e.g. defensive driving course. We are proud to state that we are providing the individuals with the most credible driving certificate course in Edmonton and its surrounding areas. Our driving school in Edmonton is considered among the top because we go by rules that have been designed specifically with driving schools and institutes in mind and their problems. Here is what makes us proud of our driving school in Edmonton:

The Ethics Of Our Driving Training

First, we understand our responsibilities when it comes to teaching someone how to drive. We know we are dealing with people who don’t know driving and of course, that’s why they are here. Our professionals have spent years and decades training people everything basic and pro about driving. Our professional driving instructors in Edmonton have the patience to see a trainee make the same mistakes and still correct their mistakes in the most polite and cool way possible. We know we have to train our individuals on patience while driving so we have to practice it just as much too.

Many of the top driving schools in Edmonton are not really appreciated by trainees for the behavior of their professionals. They are overwhelming in their approach and put too much pressure on the already pressured individual behind the steering. We know what and how it feels when you are behind the wheel for the first time. We take it easy while training our learners and make sure to keep the atmosphere as light and pleasant as possible to remove the unnecessary pressure from their minds. This is why our trained individuals love us so much.

Suitability For A Larger Audience

One thing that makes us the best driving school in Edmonton is the fact that we serve a larger audience than many other driving schools in Edmonton. First, we have broaden our boundaries of service and now you can contact us for driving training even if you are looking for a driving school in Beaumont or Sherwood Park. Furthermore, our staff has the knowledge of many languages in addition to English. We receive individuals that belong to many different races, ethnicities and regions of the world and so we make sure to help them all.

If you speak French, Arabic, Hindi or some other language than English, you can come to The Arrow Drive and start your course without the slightest hesitation. We will make sure that you understand every single word that your trainer has to say because he/she will be talking in the language that you have spoken since your birth.


10 hours of on road driving lessons.


Just drop us a call for Free Pickup and Drop off in Edmonton areas.


15 hours theory lessons (This includes video presentation).


Government certified Graduate certificate (This certificate is recognized by insurance industry, graduates eligible for up to a maximum insurance savings).