Driving Test

It Will Make You So Much Proud To Pass Your Driving Test On Your First Attempt

It does not matter what type of driving test you are about to take, when you have done proper training and preparation, you will pass either of them. Whether you are just preparing for your first Class 7 exam or appearing for your Class 5 Non-GDL license, we are here to help you with everything you need. We have designed our program in way that we can help every individual with their needs. It does not matter whether you are about to take a written test or show your driving skills practically, we’ll get you ready in no time.

Satisfactory Driving Test Preparations

The Arrow Drive is the best driving training school in Edmonton when it comes to preparing for your exams. We understand that it could get the individuals quite nervous when they are about to take the driving test. They are even more nervous when they have absolutely no idea what they will face in it. That’s where The Arrow Drive comes in. We ask you to remain confident because we have the professionals who will give you all the necessary tips to pass your driving test in Edmonton regardless of what level you are at.

On-Road Driving Test Practice

We have several simulation programs that allow you to sit in an environment that is identical to how you will be taking the real test. You can choose to give the written test or go through a practical driving lesson in order to simulate the conditions you will have to face when giving the on-road test. While the big things are easy to remember, we make sure to focus on the small and minor mistakes that often make people end up with a second attempt. We’ll simulate all the conditions of the busy roads so you can show your skills to your examiners and impress them.

Oral Driving Test Practice

We have a variety of courses available wherein some are focused on practical driving whereas others simulate only the written tests. The programs we have will help you to take the written driving test with confidence and obtain the required marks to move on to the next level of your driver’s license or become a professional driver. We can help you even if you don’t speak English as your first language. There are other methods available for you to take the test in another language if you are not comfortable with the GDL program.

Our professional trainers can always tell you what the common reasons are for people to fail their driving test in Edmonton. Get in touch with us here: (780-935-2990).