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We Are The Specialists At Your Service

The Arrow Drive is one of the top driving schools in Edmonton and this journey started when we realized that people on the road needed our help. It is just too easy to read news about traffic accidents and ignore them. Not doing anything about the situation is even easier. Furthermore, reckless driving from people results in fatal accidents, huge legal costs and permanent physical damages. We believed that we had a big responsibility on us and since we had the right people to help us with our endeavor, we came up with a team of professionals who know what driving really is.

Unlike other driving schools in Edmonton, we focus on all the aspects of driving so for us you are equally valuable whether you are a novice learning to drive for the first time or a professional who needs a refresher on his/her driving. We have several vehicles in our fleet that we use to train people as per their needs and the careers they are thinking of joining. We have also made sure that our services are equally effective for people from different backgrounds, ethnicities and demographics. Therefore, whether you speak English, Hindi, Arabic or French, The Arrow Drive is your best driving training school in Edmonton.

The Arrow Drive is deploying all the new technological features and best ethics of training in its driving courses for individuals to learn quickly. We hope to rise at the top when it comes to defensive driving course in Edmonton. With time we are spreading our services to areas that are near and adjacent to Edmonton. People looking for a driving school in Sherwood Park or the top driving school in Beaumont can now get in touch with us for top notch training to learn driving quickly and pass the driving test like a professional.