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At Arrow Drive learn driving from professional Trainers, both male and female instructors are available, well known to Alberta transportation rules and Regulation, driving responsibility and much more. We have been training drivers for many years. Thousands of safe student drivers have graduated from our driving school. Our instructors are respected industry experts.
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G.P Singh

Senior Instructor(B.E Mech) Knows English, French,Punjabi,Hindi languagues
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Road Test

Rental Car available for Road test
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Female & Male Instructors

All instructors are experienced and have good feedback from learners.
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Never Fail a Driving Test When You Been Trained Professionally

If you are preparing for driving test in Edmonton, you might want to work on your driving skills as much as possible. Most people do not understand the importance of preliminary preparations for driving tests and end up failing their driving tests. Just like many you might think that a driving test will only see if you can take a vehicle from one place to another while driving at a certain speed. This is not true at all. There are so many minor details that a driver has to pay attention to that passing a driving test for a novice is nearly impossible.

10 hours of on road driving lessons.

Free Pick Up

Just drop us a call for Free Pickup and Drop off in Edmonton, Sherwood-Park and Beaumont areas.


15 hours theory lessons (This includes video presentation).


Government certified Graduate certificate (This certificate is recognized by insurance industry, graduates eligible for up to a maximum insurance savings).


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